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Century Battery Delivery

Century Battery Delivery

Car Battery deliver within whole kl / klang area.
0192232746 Kelvin,

From rm 160 onwards only !!

Car Battery deliver within whole kl/klang   area. 0192232746 Kelvin

 Dealers are welcome..

      18 hours  free  delivery service 0192232746
- Installation Service Provided

NS 40 ( Perodua, City, Vios, Daihatsu ) : RM 175
NS 60 ( Proton, Civic. Corolla, Mazda ) : RM 195
NS 70 ( Proton, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai ) : RM 275
NS 70Z ( Diesel car ) : RM320
55D23L ( Ford, Accord, Odyssey, Sorento, Alphade ) : RM 275
DIN 55 ( Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Kia ) : RM 275
DIN 66 ( Audi, Citroen, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo ) : RM330
DIN 88 ( BMW, Citroen, Jaguar, Mercedes ) : RM 430
DIN 100 ( Brabus, Range Rover, Mercedes ) : RM 450
delivery charges is depends on location
price included of trade in old battery.
15 months warranty.

All price are 5% cheaper than market price!!

free alternator checking.
kindly cal or sms me at 0192232746
you are welcome to save this number for emergency break down assist.


Motorists get:
Free delivery and installation 24/7, 365 days a year.
Maintenance free batteries – Century Batteries are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing the latest technology.
Complimentary check on the car charging system.

Battery order will arrive within 45mins.
Within Klang Valley only. Klang Valley Boundaries:-

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Petaling Jaya
  • Subang Jaya
  • Shah Alam
  • Selayang
  • Gombak
  • Ampang

Below area are partially covered only. There will be surcharge for delivery:-

  • Bangi
  • Hulu Langat
  • Klang
  • Kajang
  • Sungai Buloh
  • Putrajaya

"Get more out of your life. Because we take care of your batteries."

Cal or watsappe kelvin at 0192232746
or 0173332746.tq

15         Months Warranty

We provides 15 months of warranty period for all batteries sold.

We assure our battery quality compliance with evolution of battery  
activated upon order
We never cut prices at the battery process technology, 
quality controls even original battery manufacturer warranty available.

One Quality One Warranty

* All batteries warranty are covered under original battery manufacturer, 
please read warranty policy.

Acdelco Heavy Duty Battery
Special For merdeces Benz,Bmw,and many high spec car..
cal or sms for best price...

 Multi purpose  Jump Starter

Car Battery Jump Starter..Multi Function,can charge all kind of cell phones, psp,mp3,mp4,pda, notebook,car
refrigerator and so on..

1)High capacity 12000mAh 5V 12V 19V Multi-Function Car Battery Charger Jump Starter Mobile phone Power Bank Laptop External Rechargeable Battery for electronics.
2)Output voltage: 5V, 12V, 19V
3)Starting current: 200A
4)Peak current: 400A
5)Battery weight: 430g
6)Whole device weight: 1200g
7)Built-in 12000mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-lon battery.
8)the USB output, more convenient.
9)High efficiency of power conversion.
10)With 5 LED power indicator.
11)Built-in a 3W LED emergency lighting with 3 light modes
12)Safe and reliable, perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities.

6 months warranty from Universal Power store Sdn Bhd..

Out call key services

We specialize in Immobilizer/Transponder keys and Remote Control.

** Our services :
- Transponder Key (Proton, Perodua, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc...)
- Transponder Chips
- Add Key
- Erase Key
- All Lost Key Recovery
- Duplicate and Repair Services (Key and Remote Control)
- Computerized Key Cutting

0192232746  kelvin

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Car battery charger

RM180 only...warranty 6 months
Repair battery charger 12v 24V 100AH ​​automatic identification Suitable for all 12V lead-acid battery charging or 24V100AH ​​the following is recommended to use a single battery charge.
[Power] 140W
[Voltage] 130V-250V
[Current] maximum output of about 10a (12V battery)
[Frequency] 50-60HZ

[Weight] 0.8kg or so

[Size] 175 * 130 * 70mm ( L * W * H )
[Mode] pre-charge - constant - constant - Trickle
Product introdution.
With a small, safe and convenient, conversion rate, the output power stability, large design capacity, long run at full capacity, etc.
1) Cooling - features super fan to ensure charger cooling fan speeds up to 4500 / min
2) Efficient - charging speed, conversion rate
3) energy-saving - saving charging job conversion rate 30% work saving standby times
4) Insurance - anti-anti-charge function, stable performance, safety and reliability
Charge Description: Machine fan will rotate when charging, the voltage indicator (12V/24V) light, LED screen will move
          At full voltage LED will be off, LED screen will not move
         The charge indicator does not light during charging, the LED screen instead of light because of the role!

Overheat protection: When the temperature exceeds 105 ℃ charger when the charger turns off, then no current output, when the temperature drop of about 80 ℃, or turn off after ten minutes to restore power to continue to be used.
Short circuit protection: When the charger output accidental short circuit automatically turns off the charger output and beep alarm, excluding short-circuit, the connection is automatically restored after properly charging.
Reverse Polarity Protection: When the charger output positive and negative contrast with the battery, the charger will automatically turn off the output and beep alarm will automatically resume charging the correct polarity connection.
Low-voltage protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 1.5V single cell charger protection does not start, and will beep alarm. Avoid Battery charger voltage does not match the damage to the device.
Appliances for 12V battery charging time: (for reference) This section recommended charging 30AH Charger above, below 100AH ​​battery!
(The actual charge completion time for the battery real capacity)
3ah battery :1-3 hours
6.5ah Battery 2-4 hours
9ah battery :3-5 hours
12ah Battery :4-6 hours
20ah battery :5-8 hours
32ah battery :6-10 hours
36ah Battery :8-11 hours
45ah battery :9-13 hours
55ah battery :11-16 hours
60ah battery :13-18 hours
80Ah :15-20-hour battery
105ah battery is more than analogy

How to select charger
) First, parents who need to verify how many volts battery voltage, battery capacity when the number of security
) This paragraph smart charger with automatic repair function, so the opportunity to automatically adjust the charging current and charging mode according to the size of the battery case, battery aging dilapidated appear recharged into electricity, etc., so it is recommended that parents who first use Manual mode charging about 20 minutes, and back to automatic mode charge, if you still do not charge forward, we need you to go to your local aftermarket batteries are close to retirement under detection, the need to replace the battery, oh
) For the battery capacity is too small batteries, such as 12V9AH, 7AH motorcycle battery, etc., because of this subsection charger for charging relatively high instantaneous current for small-capacity battery charge here, not the time it is likely to cause battery charging drum kits, Therefore, we do not recommend charging the battery 30AH below. If necessary, you can purchase a small current charger shop
4) Select charger, generally about 10 hours to fully charge the most appropriate
About the charger into the electric charge is not a problem
1) check the line and the positive and negative are connected correctly (line wrong, positive and negative reversed charger may cause burn)
2) After receiving the electrical charger are going to react and display (connected to the mains and after a good battery, fan rotation, voltage indicator lights, then 99% of the charger is not the problem)
3) If the above two points, no problem, you need to check the pro battery is charged, oh, in the case of 30-100AH ​​battery recharged into electricity, is generally too old battery caused by excessive resistance of the battery, it is recommended to go Local sale activate the battery, or use the manual mode before charging about 20 minutes, and back to automatic mode charge
4) If you still can not enter the electric charge, then we support seven days no reason to return, you need only pro who bear the return shipping and we guarantee does not affect the secondary sales can be. Another suggested that the pro-change battery it
[Charger] installation instructions
About automatic mode and manual mode Description: automatic charge mode for 12V battery charging voltage 13.8V-14.3V full manual mode the maximum charge voltage 15.3V-16V
Automatic mode voltage Advantages: Use automatic mode when directly connected to the power supply and the battery can be, do not artificially regulate the charging current will require automatic automatic adjustment according to the battery charge to a voltage position and automatically shut down, the use of smart and convenient. Strongly recommended to use automatic mode.
Manual mode Pros: When confronted with an old battery, the battery temperature is low, there is a slightly smaller battery capacity, because such a large battery internal resistance, the use of the automatic mode will be a small current trickle float phenomenon. Manual mode is for charging the battery internal resistance of such characteristics, the charging program design, there is an auxiliary battery repair function, so that the battery effect play better. However, when used in manual mode must be manually monitor the charge in the battery casing has a slight temperature, stop charging.
A: 12V charger can charge the battery when it is connected 24V 12V is also indicated on the lights, and the 24V LED is not working.
Identification charger 12V voltage range in 8V-14V, 24V voltage range identification in 18V-29V.
Two: the charger for the battery charging time work, the cooling fan must be running to work.
If you find the cooling fan is not working or damage, overheating can cause damage to the machine protection or other components, please maintenance and repair.
3: The long-stalled battery (or will be scrapped) or small capacity battery charge.
The charge indicator may not show the charging status (because the long-stalled or waste battery internal resistance, demand current is small). Users can turn on the headlight or motorcycle headlights first few minutes, and then let the side lights lit (power) while using the charger on the battery charge. Charging indicator will blink. (Generally charge trickle float charger allows 1-2 hours after light is off, the battery has reached the best condition). Such a situation, although the charging indicator is not flashing, as long as the battery is good, the battery charger is still a small current trickle float. Will be slightly larger than the current charger when charging LED will blink normal according to the battery needs.
Four: For the first time, charge the battery leakage should be manually monitored. Avoid battery overcharge, drum filling deformation

Note: First, when the rechargeable, battery temperature if there is, they should stop charging. Description batteries have already filled in the front with temperature, indicating that the battery has a leakage phenomenon, but does not affect use.
Common Faults and exclusion [battery]
Q: motorcycle battery internal resistance and small or large capacity battery, the charging indicator does not light
A: Because motorcycle battery internal resistance, demand current, the charging light does not shine. Have this situation you can put the motorcycle headlight open two minutes, and then the side of the motorcycle headlights lit, while our charger. In this case the charging indicator will blink, you can immediately determine whether there are quality problems charger. General motorcycle battery, let us float one hour trickle charger completely full power, you can be assured
On the use of motorcycle batteries and batteries belonging to the internal resistance of small or large capacity battery charge
Re: It should be noted that the first one or two charging if the battery temperature, you should stop charging. Description Battery has already filled up, indicating that the battery has a leakage phenomenon, but does not affect
* (battery internal resistance of the battery also explains the meaning and quality of the decreased capacity, close to retirement)
The car hit a fire on the problem (low voltage protection charger when charging beep alarm)

If we can not afford ignition (only bright lights) you please promptly disconnect the battery and the car circuit. Remove the battery circuit means that, in order to avoid long-term loss of electricity and damage the battery. After removing the battery to allow better (1-2 hours) self-healing protection voltage
Q: I can not hit the car on fire, you need to remove the battery before charging
A: Remove the battery can not discharge, and if the car beat the fire, as long as the battery is normal, let us charge the charger will generally be about 10 minutes flew ignition.
About drain (battery charging with temperature or long dissatisfied)
If the leakage of the battery charger 0.3A full when we float but also drain battery power so 0.3A to go on no matter how long the charge but are unable to show full battery within the recommended long charging time has been filled if the charging indicator LED lights go out after about 1 hour, or if the battery is slowly rolling, then a slight electrical phenomena go as long as the battery is no good battery temperature do not affect the use of
LED charging indicator goes on non-stop

If you find that the battery has a temperature, they should stop charging. At this point the battery has been fully explained. If the leakage of the battery, it will not stop the float. We float current at 0.2A, when the battery leakage around 0.2A, 0.2A drain becomes heat go up. If there is a slight leakage, does not affect the use of the battery, but the charger may not stop LCD.
About the charger transformer
Using high-frequency transformers, high frequency transformers only do copper, aluminum do not.Because the high-frequency transformer, small size, high efficiency, need much copper, are relying on technology. So we do not need to use aluminum.
About repair
We charger to charge the main battery can be reduced to the lowest value of the damage to the batteries have better protection. Thus greatly improving battery life!
Analogy: a new battery, charger to charge the old-fashioned life of about 2 years, then at least make use of the battery charger using a pulse on two and a half years or more.
We charger to charge mainly because it is pulse charging, the battery has some repair.
Displacement capacity on the car and the battery
Car emissions
Battery capacity
1.2 Displacement
36AH - 45AH
1.4 Displacement
1.6 Displacement
1.8 Displacement
2.0 Displacement
2.2 Displacement
2.4 above displacement
3 small van
6AH 45AH
Large van
On the battery in parallel, series
Parallel: that no matter how many batteries, as long as the positive and negative connections facing toward the positive and negative connections are 12V (original V held constant).
Series: with a wire (try a little rough enough overcurrent), to which one of the positive and negative battery connected to another battery, each end of the remaining two each battery is required to connect the charger, 24v positive and negative.
months of 12V battery can be changed in parallel with a group of two series 24v charging mode
Eye on the battery will not change color
Because we pulse charger charging different modes of old charger. So the battery electric eye does not change color, it is because inside the old battery battery charger must put water charge to take big bubble, will make the battery heat, (battery eye is when the battery fluid reaches a certain concentration hydrometer electric eye on the color of principle), but it was at the expense of battery, battery charger eye for vintage design, so now the pulse does not change color. Electric eye discoloration does not mean dissatisfaction power, as long as we float finished trickle charger, battery hundred percent full power, ease of use you like.

About charging time
Q: Can you charge the battery and then a big or smaller battery
A: fully support 12v, 24v greater the capacity, the longer charging time. The faster the smaller capacity
Q: Charger bottle full power to stop it on their own time
Answer: Both, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, constant voltage charging mode. Full electric current from stop

RM350 only!!!
Authentic  fast charger 30A rechargeable cars, motorcycles , electric 
Product structure:
A low frequency of high-performance isolation transformer
2 full full-wave bridge rectifier circuit
3 Full Metal Jacket structures
4 features reverse, over-current protection technology
The machine has five voltage range to meet most of the battery voltage selector, buy brand Shang Hua SH-30 Universal Charger to meet your needs for a variety of voltages, a multi-function machine for you to reach a The purpose of saving money, act now! ! !

Battery Type
Lead-acid batteries
Input parametersAC180-260V Output parametersDC6/12/24/36/48V
Charging current30 (A)Dimensions293X210X153 (mm)
Input voltage: AC220V ± 10%
Output Voltage: DC6V/12V/24V/36V/48V manual adjustment
Output frequency: 50HZ Net Weight: 8.5KG GW: 9KG
Current adjustable control, rechargeable battery 200AH any of the following! Rechargeable battery 6V/12V/24V/36V/48V