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Century Car Battery


               Kelvin Battery Supplies

Car Battery deliver within whole kl , klang valley
Not only cheap, But long lasting !!
15 to 21 months warranty ..

0173332746 / 0172002746 Kelvin 
0123552746 Helmi

0173332746 Kelvin / 0172002746
0123552746 Helmi

  Ns40 MF From RM140 onwards only !! 
Century Roadmaster 
(special for walk in customer .)

      Our store at 
1)Jln watan 15,Taman sri watan.

2)old klang road, 

Click "Kelvin battery supplies" in google map or waze
ampang Store
Old klang road shop.
and Balakong store.

U are welcome to cal to Kochi battery sdn bhd (century ultramax dealer in malaysia) to verify my battery is genuine and fresh charge.03-78436061

Century Ultramax
21 months warranty!!
Ultra long lasting battery.

NS40 = 200
NS60 = 220
NS70  = 320 
DIN85  = 380
DIN100 = 470

All price are inclusive of trade in 

Century Ultramax is the only battery in Malaysia certified by SIRIM.
That’s 21-month extended warranty – a testament of our confidence in our quality assurance. Which means you have less worries on the road.

Ultramax 532CCA
even higher than ns70 model battery !

  • FLAME ARRESTORS – Minimizes gas venting. Increases protection against external spark that may cause explosions.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – Durability and reliability without having to add water.
  • STRAP PROTECTOR – Minimizes short circuits due to grid growth.
  • FLEXIBLE VIBRATION PAD – Prevents damage from excessive vibration due to engine movement and road conditions.
  • STRONG BATTERY CASE – Reduced battery vibration and increased impact resistance.
  • BUILT IN HANDLES – Ergonomically designed handles for safe and convenient handling during transportation and installation.

Price for walk in customers, 
included of trade in old battery 

NS 40      : RM 150 (MF, Century Roadmaster)
NS40       : RM 140 (Hybrid Type,brand Kochi,with ISO 9001)

NS 60       : RM 160 (MF, Century Roadmaster)
NS 60       : RM 150 (Hybrid Type,brand Kochi,with ISO 9001)

NS 70       : RM 220   (hybrid type,Brand kochi,with ISO 9001,)
NS 70       : RM 230   (MF,Century Roadmaster Brand)

NS 70Z  ( Diesel car )  : RM 260  (hybrid,brand kochi,with ISO 9001)

55D23L  : RM 240 (MF,Century Brand)

DIN 55    : RM 240 (MF,Century Brand)
DIN 66    : RM300 (MF,Century Brand)
DIN 88    : RM 380 (MF,Century Brand)
DIN 100  : RM 410 (MF,Century Brand)

N100  :      RM300  (hybrid,brand kochi,with ISO 9001)
N120  :      RM330  (hybrid,brand kochi,with ISO 9001)
N150  :      RM 360 (hybrid,brand kochi,with ISO 9001)

price included of trade in old battery.

( confirm lower than any workshop,sparepart shop or battery dealer in kl!!)

delivery charges is depends on location

12  to 15 months warranty. (depends on car model)

We Provide 18-hours; 7-days a week battery delivery service.
- Installation Service Provided
All price are 15% cheaper than market price!!

free alternator checking.
kindly cal or sms me at 0173332746 / 0123552746
you are welcome to save this number for emergency break down assist.

Century marathoner 311 CCA.

Century Roadmaster 360 CCA

Higher 13.6 % cca than marathoner !!

ultramax ns70 599 CCA

Ultramax 532CCA
even higher than ns70 model battery.

ns70 = 504 cca from rodmaster

ns70 = 435 cca From marathoner

Century Marathoner Din55l  (598 CCA)

Century Roadmaster (632 CCA)

CCA measurements assure that the battery has sufficient power to crank the engine, especially when cold. A starter battery with low resistance promises reasonably good cranking ability, and a CCA reading of 400 to 500A is sufficient for most starter batteries.

we provide delivery service 
from  RM10 to  RM 30 depends on location.

-FREE Installation
-FREE Charging system checking.
-Manufacturer warranty card and official receipt

Area Covered:

whole kl and selangor area..
Petaling Jaya, Subang, Damansara, Jalan Klang
Lama, Puchong, Cheras, Shah Alam, 
Seri Kembangan, Kajang, etc.
(we have despatch in old klang road and pj etc)

(You are welcome to save my number for any  emergency assist)
017333 2746
017200 2746


(Business Hour:  8 am-1am)

Why Choose Us ?

  1. Processed & Shelved

Processed & Shelved

  1. Batteries today are processed and shelved in advance to ease for sale.
  2. Replace Shelved Battery

Replace Shelved Battery

  1. Getting shelved battery a.k.a. Day X battery from shelve and replace for yours vehicle.
  2. Malfunction & Hassle

Malfunction & Hassle

  1. Never long lasting due to processed and shelved in advance.

Processed battery has a shelf life, and lifespan of battery turn out to be shorter as time goes on.

Don’t be surprise, most batteries today shelved up to 6 months before it reaches your hand.

Activated upon Order

Fundamental of durable is FRESH.
To deliver 100% freshness guarantee, we activate every single battery upon received order.
2 - 3x extra durable, extra powerful and long lasting than ever.

We care your durable far beyond anything you can imagine.

  1. New and Only New

New and Only New

  1. All batteries are new and non-activated.
  2. Activated Upon Order

Activated Upon Order

  1. Only activated the battery upon received order, completely deliver an extra durable, long lasting battery a.k.a. Day 1 battery.
  2. 100% Freshness Guaranteed

100% Freshness Guaranteed

  1. Zero worry and get ready to ride for yours long lasting journey.
Say NO to shelved battery !

Spend smart, Ride smart, Only Fresh & Durable.

How to Replace Battery

Automotive batteries don't last forever, replace a battery is a quick and easy job in most vehicle and can be done with minimal tools.

Choose Battery Replacement Methods

Replace Battery - Conventional Vehicle

Suitable for
Vehicle without any electronic equipment or diesel vehicles

Replace Battery - Electronic Vehicle with Engine Running

Suitable for
Electronic equipment vehicle - Still able to start the engine with the on-car battery

Replace Battery - Electronic Vehicle with Power Shortage Battery

Suitable for
Electronic equipment vehicle - Not able to start the engine with the on-car battery

How to Protect Battery

  • tick-iconClose the entire electrical component inside the car before off the engine.
  • tick-iconCheck the fluid levels per battery cell once or twice every 3 months with a new battery. Twice a week, if the battery
    is older than 1½ years.
  • tick-iconRefill only distiller water while battery has cooled, usually in the early morning. Strictly NO tap water.
  • tick-iconWater added should cover the battery's plates and be no higher than 2 to 4 mm from the bottom of the vent so as
    not to overfill the battery.
  • tick-iconAlways keep the acid level between LOWER and UPPER lines on conventional batteries.topup water between min-max
  • tick-iconCables, terminals, cover, and container should be inspected and cleaned if they look dirty or corroded.
  • tick-iconNever do with a battery
    1. tick-iconYou should never expose it to flame. The gasses emitted by batteries can be explosive.
    2. tick-iconNever short circuit the battery. It may explode.
    3. tick-iconPrevent water inside battery from coming in contact with skin or eyes, as it is acidic.
    4. tick-iconNever lean over the battery while it is charging or being jump-started.
    5. tick-iconDo not lift the battery by it sides. Applying pressure to the sides may cause the battery acid to spill, especially
      batteries with plastic cases. Use a battery carrier or lift it with your hands at opposite corners.






15  Months Warranty


We provides up to  15 months (terms & conditions apply)
of warranty period for all batteries sold.

We assure our battery quality compliance with evolution of battery - 
activated upon order. We never cut prices at the battery process technology, 
quality controls even original battery manufacturer warranty available.

One Quality One Warranty

* All batteries warranty are covered under original battery
 manufacturer, please read warranty policy.